Syed Muhammad Naqi Zaidi made his debut in Noha Khuwani in 2017. His first kalam, “Gham Shah-e-Shahida Ka,” was quite influential and impactful. His first big appearance was in the small city of Khairpur in Sindh, where he began his career. Currently, he resides in Karachi.

Syed Muhammad Naqi Zaidi is a well-known reciter of Manqabats, Nohas, and Naats. He is famous for his Manqabats, Nohas, and Naats. He devotes all his time to Manqabat, Noha, and Naat recitation. To date, Syed Muhammad Naqi Zaidi has recited approximately 50 plus kalams.

Some of his Nohas, such as “Sirat-e-Mustaqeem Karbala” in 2018 and “Sakhi Hussain (AS) Ka Matam” in 2019, were the most famous of that year.

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