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Are you searching for a kalima mp3 download? Download 1 to 6 kalma audio free from our site. Our Site Provides you with 6 kalimas with urdu translation for free which you can listen to here online or download at 320kbps.

Kalima Mp3
1 to 6 kalma mp3 free download

Six Kalimas

The Six Kalimas are the basic beliefs of Muslims all around the world. They practice these beliefs and incorporate the basic principles in their lives. All six Kalimas are verses of the Quran.

  1. First Kalima: Tayyab (Purity)
  2. Second Kalima: Shahadat (Testimony)
  3. Third Kalima: Tamjeed (Glorification)
  4. Fourth Kalima: Tauheed (Unity)
  5. Fifth Kalima: Astaghfar (Penitence)
  6. Sixth Kalima: Radde Kufr (Rejecting Disbelief)

Islam Kay Che Kalme | Learn and Memorize Six Kalimas Of Islam


Kalima Mp3

We provide you with all six kalimas audio with urdu, and English translations. So you can play these 1 to 6 Kalima for your children to learn. Learn Kalima 1 to 6 with urdu, and Hindi translation free from our site.

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