Arif Siddiqui MP3 Naats

Arif Siddiqui belong to the Punjab province of Pakistan. His naat khawani in a new dimension has proven him to be the top naat khawan among most listened naat khawans. Arif says naat in Urdu and Punjab. He has been spotted in many naat mahafils and meelads, where he wake-ups the emaan of the young generation with his naats and hamds.
Arif Siddiqui sounds are melodious and penetrate into the heart directly. He shows true emotions for the love of Mohammad SAW in his naats. His naat “Ham paya na sani tera” caters to one’s heart and sinks it all in the pure honor of Mohammad SAW. Arif’s naats gained popularity because of his clear tone and amazing dialect. He delivers in a meaningful way and his success is apparent from his devotion. May Allah SWT lead this lad to an eternal love of the Prophet SAW.

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