Mesum Abbas Nohay MP3 Download

Are you looking for Mesum Abbas Nohay MP3 Download? Presenting you the Mesum Abbas All noha new and old from 2000 to 2023 which you can download in mp3.

Mesum Abbas Nohay MP3 Free Download 2024
Mesum Abbas Mp3 Noha Download 2024

Mesum Abbas Nohay List

Our site has a huge collection of mesum abbas audio nohay which you can easily download in mp3(320kbps) for free. here is the list of mesum abbas top noha.

  1. Aey Alamdar-e-Haram
  2. Hussain Ya Hussain
  3. Labbaik Ya Hussain
  4. Ya Ali Madad
  5. Zainab Bibi Ujar Gayi Hai
  6. Ayyam-e-Fatima (s.a)
  7. Karbala Karbala
  8. Bibi Zainab (s.a) Ka Bachpan
  9. Haye Sakina (s.a)
  10. Abbas (a.s) Tere Dar Sa
  11. Aun o Muhammad (a.s)
  12. Farhan ki Shadi Hai
  13. Ali (a.s) Mola
  14. Sughra (s.a) Ka Janaza
  15. Balochistan Karbala Hai
  16. Sakina (s.a) Ki Sada
  17. Yeh Gham Hai Mera
  18. Nana Aba (a.s) Ki Duain
  19. Ghazi (a.s) Ka Alam
  20. Aey Shaam Ki Hawa
  21. Abbas (a.s) Ke Lashkar
  22. Mera Qasim (a.s) Hai
  23. Aey Ro Karbala
  24. Sakina (s.a) Roothi Hai
  25. Alamdar (a.s) Ko Hamara Salaam
  26. Haye Ali Akbar (a.s)
  27. Labbaik Ya Zainab (s.a)
  28. Asghar (a.s) Ka Bachpan
  29. Zahra (s.a) Ki Kya Baat Hai
  30. Chalte Hain Karbala
  31. Aey Bibi Zainab (s.a) Tere Khutay
  32. Mere Hussain (a.s) Tujhe Salam
  33. Ali Akbar (a.s) Tera Chehra
  34. Ya Zainab (s.a) Ya Zainab (s.a)
  35. Karbala Ka Darya
  36. Abbas (a.s) Teri Behnon Ka Hai Saya
  37. Shaam-e-Gharibaan
  38. Sakina (s.a) Ujar Gayi Hai
  39. Aey Pani, Aey Pani
  40. Aey Maa Tujhe Salaam
  41. Zainab (s.a) Ki Awaz Hai
  42. Aey Karbala Ke Khooni Shor
  43. Hussain (a.s) Yaad Aata Hai
  44. Sughra (s.a) Ka Lasha
  45. Aey Alamdar-e-Wafa
  46. Qasim (a.s) Teri Ankhon Ka
  47. Aey Ro Karbala Ke Dariya
  48. Shaam-e-Ghareeban Ki Sada
  49. Sakina (s.a) Ki Beti Hai
  50. Aey Zainab (s.a) Tera Qasim (a.s) Aaya
  51. Aey Hussaina (s.a) Madina
  52. Zainab (s.a) Ka Alam Sajaya Hai
  53. Ali Asghar (a.s) Ka Bachpan
  54. Aey Sakina (s.a) Ke Laal
  55. Abbas (a.s) Teri Maqtal Mein
  56. Bibi Fatima (s.a) Ke Akbar (a.s)
  57. Aey Hussain (a.s) Teri Azan
  58. Qasim (a.s) Ki Qurbani
  59. Aey Zahra (s.a) Ke Baba
  60. Ya Rab Koi Masooma (s.a) Ka

About Mesum Abbas

Mesum Abbas, as he is known professionally, is a renowned Muslim artist who recites Noha about the tragedies of the Prophet Muhammad’s family (Ahlulbayt).

On this page, you will find the list of best Noha’s in the superb vocals of Mesum Abbas.


Step into the world of nohas, where Mesum Abbas, a distinguished Muslim artist, lends his voice to express the profound grief surrounding the tragedy of Husayn ibn Ali in the Battle of Karbala. Nohas, in the context of Shia views, are elegies that commemorate the sacrifices of Ahlulbayt, the Prophet Muhammad’s family. Join us on a journey to explore the significance of nohas, the artist Mesum Abbas, and the convenient platform for enthusiasts –

  1. Understanding Nohas and Their Meaning:

    • Nohas are special songs or elegies that tell the sorrowful story of Husayn ibn Ali and the Battle of Karbala.
    • In Shia views, nohas serve as a way to remember and express deep emotions about the tragedies faced by the Prophet Muhammad’s family.
  2. Marsiya, Noha, and Soaz: Expressions of Grief:

    • Marsiya is a broader category that includes forms of expression like Nohas and Soaz, which translates to lamentation.
    • Together, these elements create a powerful means of conveying grief, deeply rooted in the historical and social context of pre-Islamic Arabic and Persian culture.
  3. Meet Mesum Abbas: The Voice of Sorrow:

    • Mesum Abbas, a well-known Muslim artist, is recognized for his heartfelt recitations of Nohas.
    • Professionally, he channels his talent into creating moving renditions that reflect the pain and sacrifices of Ahlulbayt.
  4. A Dedicated Artist’s Profile:

    • Mesum Abbas, also known by his professional name, is not only a talented artist but also a devout Muslim.
    • Through his nohas, he aims to connect with listeners emotionally and spiritually, making them feel the grief and sorrow associated with the events of Karbala.
  5. Mesum Abbas on A Melodic Haven:

    • Experience the emotional resonance of Mesum Abbas’s nohas by visiting
    • The website provides a user-friendly platform for enthusiasts to explore and download multiple nohas in mp3 format, making it a go-to destination for those seeking spiritual solace.
  6. Mesum Abbas’s Contribution to Noha Khawani:

    • Mesum Abbas, through his nohas, contributes significantly to the tradition of noha khawani, continuing the legacy of expressing grief through melody.
    • His renditions have garnered appreciation from audiences globally, creating a profound impact on those who listen.
  7. Conclusion: Mesum Abbas’s Nohas – A Melody of Remembrance:

    • Mesum Abbas’s nohas stand as a melodious tribute to the enduring legacy of Ahlulbayt and the tragic events of Karbala.
    • Explore the heartfelt renditions on, where the artist’s dedication and talent harmonize with the convenience of the online platform.

In the realm of nohas, Mesum Abbas emerges as a beacon of artistic brilliance, and becomes the perfect avenue for enthusiasts to connect with his soul-stirring renditions.