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Allah Humma Sallay Ala Sayyidina Lyrics

Allah Huma Sale Ala Naat Lyrics ***************************** Allah Huma Sale Ala Naat Lyrics in urdu. Allahumma Salle Ala Sayyidina Wa Maulana Muhammadin Wa ala Aalihi Wa ASahbihi Wa Barik Wa Sallim Sabse Ula wa Aala Hamara Nabi Sabse bala wa Wala Hamara Nabi Apne Maula ka Pyara Hamara Nabi Donon Aalam ka Dulha Hamara Nabi Allahumma Salle Ala Sayyidina Wa Maulana Muhammadin Wa ala Aalihi Wa ASahbihi Wa Barik Wa Sallim Lakhon aaye yahan aur lakhon gaye Unche Unche Shahenshah yaha na rahe Kitne diye jale jalke fir buj gaye Kya khabar kitne Taare khile chhup gaye Par na dube na duba Hamara Nabi Allahumma Salle Ala Sayyidina Wa Maulana Muhammadin Wa ala Aalihi Wa ASahbihi Wa Barik Wa Sallim Jinke Talwon ka dhowan hai Aabe Hayat Hai Wo Jaane Masiha Hamara Nabi Khalk se Auliya Auliya se Rusool Aur Rasoolon se aala Hamara Nabi Kaun deta hai dene ko Munh… ******************************** Allah Huma Sale Ala Naat lyrics In Urdu. Durood Sharif Lyrics in Urdu All?h Humm? Salle Ala ???d E N? W? Maulana Muh?mm?d?n W? ?l? ??l? H? Wa Ashabhi H?? W?b?r?k W???ll?m All?h P?rt? Hai Durood A?n? Habib P?r R?hm?n J? Parta Hai Woh Tum Bi K??? K?r? Saray Parho Darood Aaj Srakar ?? G??? Dun??? T?? D? J?h?n’?n D?? Mukhtar ?? G??? Allahumma ??ll? ?l? ?????d?n? W? M?l?n? Mohammadin K? Kee N? K?t? ???r Nay ??k ???r W??t?? R?b Mehfilan ??j???n N?? S?rk?r W??t?? All?humm? ??ll? ?l? ????d?n? Wa Mul?n? Muhammadin D?l ???d L??? Banaya Ae, T?r??f L??? Zub??n Akh???n Banaiyan ??hn?? D?? D??d?r V???t? All?humm? ??ll? ?l? Sayyidina V? Moula N? Muh?mm?d?n Sadqa Nabi D? Aal D?, B?kh?h?? Khud? ?h?f? Mango Du?’w?n M?r?? J?? Bimar W??t??? Allah Huma Salay ?l? Sayedina Wa Moula N? M?h?m?d?n Guzr?? N???z? Z?nd?g? ??hn?? D?? ??h? Wh??h N??t?n M??n Parhda R?hw?n M?th?l M?nth?r W??t??. All?h Hum? ??l? Allah ?????d?n? Wa Molana Muh?m?d?n V? ?l? ??l? H?? W? ??h?b?h? W? Barak Wasalim. Rukh-E-Mustafa W?h K?t?b Hai J? Muh?bb?t?n K? N????b H?? Y?h? Mere P???h-?-n?z?r R?h? Y?h? Raat Din Mein Parha K?r??n Tera J?lw? Paish-E-nazar R?h? Tujh? D?kh K?r M??n Jiya Karoon J?h?n Koi T?r? S?w? N? H? M??n U?? Faza Main Raha Karoon ******************************** Allah Huma Sale Ala Naat Lyrics In Hindi. ????? ????? ????? ??? ???d ? ?? ?? ?????? ???????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???????? ????? ??? ????? ????? ?? ????? ???? ???? ???? ??? ? ? ?? ? ??? ?? ?? ???? ???? ??? ????? ????? ?? ??????? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ??????? ?????? ????? Kee Kee Nee K?t? ??? ?????? ?????????? ?? ???? ?? ????? ????????? ????? ?????? ??????? ?????? ?, ?????? ????? ????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ????? ??? ?? ??? ??, ?????? ????? ?h?f? ????? ??????? ?????? ?? ????? ??????? ?????? ???? ??? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ? ???????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????? ????? ?????? ????? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ???? ?????? ???-?-??????? ????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ????????? ? ???????? ?? ?? ???? ?????-?-?????? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???-?-???? ????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ??? ???? ????? ??? ?????? ??? ? ??? ??? ???? ???? ??? ??? ???? ******************************** Allah Huma Sale Ala mp3 naat by owais raza Qadri. listen and download this beautiful naat sharif Allah Huma Sale Ala by Owais Raza Qadri. Read and donwload Allah Huma Sale Ala lyrics in urdu, roman urdu, hindi and english. Listen online or download Allah Huma Sale Ala audio kalam with lyrics in urdu written, hindi , roman urdu and hindi form our site

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About Owais Raza Qadri

"Owais Raza Qadri: The Melodious Voice of Devotion – Biography, Journey, and Naats at"


  • Owais Raza Qadri: The Crownless King of Sana Khawans.
  • Renowned for his melodious voice and unique expression of love for Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.
  • Delve into the divine collection of Owais Raza Qadri's naats on

Early Life and Education:

  • Born on 17th October 1969, in Pakistan.
  • Intermediate in academic qualifications.
  • Performances of Hajj and Umra, starting from 1992 and 1996 respectively.
  • His favorite country, apart from holy places, is Pakistan.
  • Preference for traditional attire – Shalwar Qameez.
  • My closest friend: is Mohammad Shoaib Qadri.
  • Favorite personality: AlaHazrat, Mujaddid-e-Din-o-Millat Imam Shah Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi.

Personal Preferences:

  • Favorite dish: Bar B.Q.
  • Favorite colors: Black and white.
  • Rests after 8 a.m.
  • Fondness for Mehfil-e-Naats is now limited to one per night.
  • Currently working on a new album.
  • Unfulfilled wishes are kept confidential.

Family Life:

  • Married in 1994; has four children – two daughters and two sons.
  • Sons named Mohammad Anees Raza and Mohammad Afeef Raza.

Artistic Journey:

  • Started reciting naats at the age of 8.
  • Inspired by AlHaaj Yousuf Ashrafi (late).
  • No formal naat classes; learned from the companionship of "Ushaqaan-e-Rasool."
  • All naats, especially those by Ala-Hazrat Shah Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi, are favorites.
  • The first album was released in 1983; numerous albums followed.

Global Presence:

  • Traveled to many countries, spreading the message of Islam and love for Prophet Muhammad.
  • Countries visited include Saudi Arabia, UAE, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Syria, India, South Africa, UK, Zimbabwe, Canada, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Swaziland, Bangladesh, Botswana, Mapoto, Mauritius, USA, and China.

Future Plans:

  • No formalities for Mehfil-e-Naat bookings.
  • Privilege is given to areas promoting Islam.
  • Commitment to continue reciting naats and working for the path of Sala'at-o-Sunnat.

Advice to Naat Khawans:

  • Naat Khawani is Ibaadat – essential knowledge should be collected about each naat.
  • Ensure naats are not objectionable by Islamic Shariah; check with a learned scholar.
  • Be true and practical Muslims; follow Islamic practices consistently.
  • Addressing the young generation: Success lies in walking on the path guided by Allah and the Holy Prophet, avoiding the way of strangers, and believing in death.
  • Acquire adequate knowledge of Islam; recite at least one Ruku of the Holy Quran (Kanzul Eemaan) with translation.

Contribution to

  • Witness the spiritual journey of Owais Raza Qadri through his mesmerizing naats, available for enthusiasts on
  • Explore the divine collection and experience the essence of devotion and love for Prophet Muhammad.
Owais Raza Qadri Mp3 Naats

Owais Raza Qadri Naat And Album List

  1. Aa Gaye Mujdah Shafaat Ka Sunanay Walay
  2. Aa Kuch Suna De Ishq Ke Bolon Mein Aey Raza
  3. Aai Aqa Madni Aqa
  4. Aaj Aaye Nabiyon Ke Sardar
  5. Aap Ki Nisba
  6. Aarizey Shams O Qamar
  7. Aasio Ko Dur Tumhara Mil Gay
  8. Aasmaan Gar Terey Talwoonka
  9. Aaya Hai Bulawa Mujhay Darbar-E-Nabi Say
  10. Aaye Aaqa Madni Aaqa
  11. Ab Meri Nighaon Mein
  12. Abtar Thee Fiza
  13. Ahl-E-Sirat-E-Rooh-Ul-Ameen
  14. Aisa Tujhay Khaliq
  15. Aj Sik Mitran Di Wadheri Ae
  16. Ajab Karam Shahe-Wala
  17. Aleef Allah Chumbay Dee Booti
  18. Allah Allah
  19. Allah Allah Shah-E-Konain
  20. Allah Da Naam Layye
  21. Allah Hoo Allah Hoo Allah
  22. Allah Hu Dum Ba Dum Allah Hu
  23. Allah Humma Sallay Ala
  24. Allah Nabi Da Naam
  25. Allah Rabb-E-Mohammad
  26. Allaho Rabbo Mohammadin
  27. Allahu Allahu
  28. Allahu Dam Badam Allahu
  29. An Nabi Sallo Alayeh
  30. Apna Ghum Ya Shah-E-Anmbiya
  31. Arsh-E-Haq Hai Masnad-E-Riffat Rasool
  32. Arzo Sama Banay Hain
  33. As Subhu Bada Min Talatihee
  34. Aye Shafe Umame Shahe


  • Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring naats of Owais Raza Qadri at, where his timeless devotion continues to resonate and inspire millions worldwide.