Kalam Title Ana Al Mushtak
Kalam Artist Mohamed Tarek
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Ana Al Mushtak Lyrics

Ana Al Mushtak ( أنا المشتاق ) Lyrics In Turkish

انا المشتاق يا رب البيت

لسجدة روحي في رحابك

ودمع العين يقول حنييت

ودعوة تدق على بابك

يا رب بداري كل الآه

عشان قدامك أحكيها

يا عالم كل شيء ودواه

وعارف نفسي ايه فيها

وعين شايفة الحرم والناس

تطوف والدعوة مسموعة

وبركة تحاوط الأنفاس

تداوي نفس موجوعة

يا طيبة يا بيت رسول الله

ونورك جاي من نوره

يا بخت اللي قدر يلقاه

يصلي في روضته و يزوره

Ana Al Mushtak Lyrics In English

Lyrics :

Oh God Of The House Of Mecca My Soul Really Yearns

For A Prostration Before Your Benevolence

And To Shed Tears Till It Cleanses My Heart

And To Knock On Your Door With My Prayers.

Oh God I Hide Every Single Pain

To Moan Only Before You

The Only Omniscient Of All Flaws And Their Solutions

And You Are The Only One Who Knows What I Really Want.

Witnessing Mecca Sanctuary And The Masses

While Circling The Kaaba And All Prayers Are Getting Answered

God’s Bless Surrounds Those Souls,.

, And Heals Broken Hearts.

Oh Taibah The Prophet’s Home

, Your Bright Comes From The Prophet’s Light.

How Lucky Those Who Could See Him

Pray In His Rawda And Visit Him.

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Ana Al Mushtak Song Detail

Lyrics : Anwar Hussam
Melody: Mohamed Tarek
Music Producer Mixing & Master : Sherif Mohsen
Oud : Mohamed Hantolla
VI Doe Directed By :Mohamed Magdy
Recorded By : Mohamed Youusef
English Translation By :Menna Helmy
Turkish Translation By Taha Ali

Ana Al Mushtak Lyrics

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