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Maula Ya Salli Wa Sallim Lyrics

Maulaya salli wassalim da-iman abadan

“O my lord send peace and blessings always and forever”

Ala habi bika khairil khalqi kulli hi mi

“Upon your beloved (pbuh) the best of all creations”

Muhammadun sayyidul kawnayni wa thaqalain

“Muhammad (pbuh) is the leader of both worlds”

Wal fareeqain min urbin wa min-ajami

“And the guide of both the Arabs and the non Arabs”

Hai Asar Sab Se Zyada Apki Har Bat Ka

“Of all the words spoken by many, your words has the most impact”

Jhuk Gaya Hai Sar Adab Se Sari Kainat Ka

“Your honor, courtesy and morals surpasses every other human being”

Apne He Hai Sikhaya Sabko Sidha Rasta

“You guided us in the correct path”

Khush Naseebon Ka Jura Hai Apse Ye Rabta

“Blessed be the relationship between you and us”

Rehmaten Dono Jahan Men Ap Per Hon Be-Panah…

“May you be blessed abundantly in both the worlds”

Huzita fil lahilam tuzham wa-lam tahimi

“You were guided by Allah and not defeated or weakened”

Hataa ghuwadad ummatal islami finjoomi

“Until the Muslim ummah remains among the stars”

Maula Ya Salli Wa Sallim Without Music MP3 Download

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