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Madine Diyan Pak Galiyan Naat Lyrics

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About Owais Raza Qadri

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Owais Raza Qadri Naat And Album List

  1. Aa Gaye Mujdah Shafaat Ka Sunanay Walay
  2. Aa Kuch Suna De Ishq Ke Bolon Mein Aey Raza
  3. Aai Aqa Madni Aqa
  4. Aaj Aaye Nabiyon Ke Sardar
  5. Aap Ki Nisba
  6. Aarizey Shams O Qamar
  7. Aasio Ko Dur Tumhara Mil Gay
  8. Aasmaan Gar Terey Talwoonka
  9. Aaya Hai Bulawa Mujhay Darbar-E-Nabi Say
  10. Aaye Aaqa Madni Aaqa
  11. Ab Meri Nighaon Mein
  12. Abtar Thee Fiza
  13. Ahl-E-Sirat-E-Rooh-Ul-Ameen
  14. Aisa Tujhay Khaliq
  15. Aj Sik Mitran Di Wadheri Ae
  16. Ajab Karam Shahe-Wala
  17. Aleef Allah Chumbay Dee Booti
  18. Allah Allah
  19. Allah Allah Shah-E-Konain
  20. Allah Da Naam Layye
  21. Allah Hoo Allah Hoo Allah
  22. Allah Hu Dum Ba Dum Allah Hu
  23. Allah Humma Sallay Ala
  24. Allah Nabi Da Naam
  25. Allah Rabb-E-Mohammad
  26. Allaho Rabbo Mohammadin
  27. Allahu Allahu
  28. Allahu Dam Badam Allahu
  29. An Nabi Sallo Alayeh
  30. Apna Ghum Ya Shah-E-Anmbiya
  31. Arsh-E-Haq Hai Masnad-E-Riffat Rasool
  32. Arzo Sama Banay Hain
  33. As Subhu Bada Min Talatihee
  34. Aye Shafe Umame Shahe

Owais Raza Qadri Biography

Alhaj Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri was born on 8th July, 1970 in Pakistan. He is Intermediate in academic qualifications. He has performed several Hajj and Umrah, the first Umra being in 1992 while the first Hajj in 1996. Apart from Holy Places, Pakistan is Owais Qadri's favourite country. Children: Mohammad Anees Raza, Mohammad Afeef Raza Born: 8th July 1970, Pakistan

Owais raza Qadri Mp3 Naats

Mohammad Owais Raza Qadri needs no introduction as he is known to be the king of today’s naat khawani. Owais Raza Qadri is also called as Bulbul e Madina for his passionate and heart-touching voice. He gave Naat-Khawani a whole new dimension and the way he recited many old Naats has increased its popularity of Naats a lot. He was born in the year 1969 at Metha Dar Karachi.. He started recitation of naats in 1977 while he was just an 8-year kid. Owais Raza Qadri possesses a unique style of saying naats. According to him if one truly appreciate and applause the life of Holy prophet Mohammed SAW then he can show it by any mean. Owais’s mean of showing gratitude is by reciting naats for love of Mohammad SAW. He also aspires to establish an academy for new naat khawani , so that they can learn how to praise great personalities like Hazrat Mohammad SAW. Owais has performed Hajj and umrah many times. He has also visited a lot many countries to preach about Islam and to recite the naats. Where ever he goes he spread the message of peace, love and harmony. He advises the young generation to follow the teaching of Hazrat Mohammad SAW in their day-to-day life. He has been awarded with the best naat khawan in the year 1997 by the government of Pakistan.