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Ya AbalFazl Noha Lyrics

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About Mir Hasan Mir

Mir Hasan Mir Nohay MP3 Download Are you looking for Mir Hasan Mir Nohay MP3 Download? Listen online or download Mir Hasan Mir All Nohay Audio (Old and New) 2023 In mp3 for free. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="227"]Mir Hasan Mir Nohay MP3 Download 2024 Mir Hasan Mir Nohay Download[/caption] On This page, you will get Mir Hasan Mir Mp3 Nohay For Free. You can listen online here or download mir hasan mir new noha 2023 at 320kbps(High-Quality Audio).

Mir Hasan Mir Noha List

Here is the list of Mir Hasan Mir all nohay from 2000 to 2023.
  1. Abbas (a.s) Tere Dar Sa
  2. Aey Khuda Aey Khuda
  3. Zainab (s.a) Ka Hai Arman
  4. Aey Alamdar-e-Wafa
  5. Ghazi (a.s) Ka Alam
  6. Aey Qasim (a.s) Teri Mehek
  7. Bibi Sakina (s.a) Ki Kahani
  8. Karbala Jaanat Hai
  9. Aey Hussaina (s.a) Madina
  10. Haye Qasim (a.s) Haye Sham
  11. Aey Sakina (s.a) Bata
  12. Ali (a.s) Ka Martaba
  13. Aey Maa Tujhe Salaam
  14. Qasim (a.s) Ki Mehndi
  15. Sughra (s.a) Ka Lasha
  16. Aey Sham Ki Hawa
  17. Zainab (s.a) Sa Koi Nahi
  18. Abbas (a.s) Kehte Hain
  19. Aey Zuljana
  20. Shaam-e-Ghareeban Ki Sada
  21. Aey Bibi Zainab (s.a) Tera Qasim (a.s) Aaya
  22. Ghazi (a.s) Tu Hai Zindabad
  23. Aey Karbala Ke Khooni Shor
  24. Mere Hussain (a.s) Tujhe Salam
  25. Aey Hussain (a.s) Teri Azan
  26. Bibi Fatima (s.a) Ke Akbar (a.s)
  27. Zahra (s.a) Ki Kya Baat Hai
  28. Aey Maa Tujhe Salaam (Arabic)
  29. Aey Khuda Aey Khuda (Arabic)
  30. Sughra (s.a) Sa Jhula Jhulao
  31. Aey Ro Karbala Ke Dariya
  32. Aey Saba Layi Hai
  33. Karbala Karbala
  34. Aey Ghazi (a.s) Teri Azmat
  35. Zindagi Hai Zakhmi
  36. Qaidi Hussain (a.s) Teri Azadari
  37. Aey Bibi Zainab (s.a) Tera Chehlum Hai
  38. Aey Ali Asghar (a.s) Teri Azan
  39. Bibi Sakina (s.a) Tere Pyaase Alam
  40. Aey Qasim (a.s) Teri Mehndi Hai
  41. Aey Shaheed-e-Karbala
  42. Sughra (s.a) Ka Janaza
  43. Aey Abbas (a.s) Teray Dar Sa
  44. Aey Sakina (s.a) Ke Pyare
  45. Zainab (s.a) Ke Gham Mein
  46. Aey Zulfiqar Ali (a.s)
  47. Labbaik Ya Hussain
  48. Aey Maa Tujhe Salaam (Persian)
  49. Abbas (a.s) Teri Nauha
  50. Aey Qasim (a.s) Teray Gham Mein
  51. Aey Zainab (s.a) Tera Kya Hoga
  52. Aey Zahra (s.a) Ke Pyare
  53. Aey Karbala Ke Khoon
  54. Qasim (a.s) Teray Pyar Mein
  55. Abbas (a.s) Tera Haq Hai
  56. Aey Zainab (s.a) Tera Musibat Mein
  57. Ali (a.s) Akbar Teri Beti Hai
  58. Aey Sakina (s.a) Sa Ro Kar
  59. Aey Qasim (a.s) Tu Jo Ali (a.s) Ka
  60. Ya Hussain (a.s) Ya Hussain (a.s)


Let's embark on a journey into the world of nohas, where Mir Hasan Mir, a talented artist, brings to life the tragic tale of Husayn ibn Ali in the Battle of Karbala. Nohas, interpreted through Shia views, are like heartfelt poems expressing the deep sorrow and grief surrounding this historical event. Join us in exploring the significance of nohas, the artist Mir Hasan Mir, and the convenient platform for enthusiasts –
  1. Understanding Nohas and Their Significance:

    • Nohas are special songs that tell the sad story of Husayn ibn Ali and the Battle of Karbala.
    • They hold great importance in Shia views as a way to remember and express deep emotions about the tragedy.
  2. Marsiya, Noha, and Soaz: The Components of Grief:

    • Marsiya is like a big umbrella covering different forms of expressions, including Nohas and Soaz, which means lamentation.
    • Together, they create a powerful medium for expressing grief and mourning, especially for the events of Karbala.
  3. Meet Mir Hasan Mir: A Talent Dedicated to Noha Khawani:
    • Mir Hasan Mir, born in 1976, is a renowned artist known for his exceptional talent in noha khawani and manqabat recitation.
    • Originally from Jhampir, he comes from a family deeply rooted in the ahle tashee school of thought.
  4. A Glimpse into Mir Hasan Mir's Background:

    • Mir Hasan Mir, by profession, is an economist, showcasing his versatility beyond the realm of noha khawani.
    • Born into a family known for their contributions to the history of noha and naat Shareef, he carries forward the legacy of his forefathers.
  5. A Dedicated Artist and Family Tradition:

    • Mir Hasan Mir's dedication to noha khawani is evident in his successful career, where he has earned recognition and admiration.
    • Inspired by his elders, he not only continues the family tradition but also occasionally contributes to the art by writing poetry.
  6. Mir Hasan Mir's Global Presence:

    • Mir Hasan Mir is not confined to one place; he travels to different countries to attend mahafile naat o hand and noha khawani.
    • People from various parts of the world eagerly await the opportunity to listen to his soul-stirring nohas, a testament to his global popularity.
  7. Your Haven for Mir Hasan Mir's Nohas:

    • Enjoy the captivating voice of Mir Hasan Mir by visiting, where multiple nohas in mp3 format are available for enthusiasts.
    • The website provides an easy and accessible platform for users to explore, download, and immerse themselves in the heartfelt nohas.
  8. Conclusion: Mir Hasan Mir's Nohas – A Melodic Reflection:

    • Mir Hasan Mir's nohas serve as a melodic reflection of the sorrowful events of Karbala, transporting listeners into a world of deep emotions.
    • Visit to experience the profound impact of Mir Hasan Mir's nohas, where the artist's dedication and talent harmonize with the convenience of the online platform.
In the realm of nohas, Mir Hasan Mir stands as a beacon of artistic brilliance, and becomes the gateway for enthusiasts to connect with his soul-stirring renditions.