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Allah Hi Allah Kiya Karo Nasheed Lyrics

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Allah Hi Allah Kiya Karo MP3 Download

About Khirad Zahra

 Khirad Zahra Naat Mp3 Download

Introduction: Get ready to embark on a soulful journey with Khirad Zahra, a beacon of devotion whose melodic expressions have touched the hearts of many. Let's delve into the story of her life, her achievements, and the dreams she envisions for the future. Plus, enjoy the privilege of downloading her heartfelt Naats in MP3 format on

Khirad Zahra: An Intimate Portrait

1. Biography & Birth Details:

Khirad Zahra, the enchantress of spiritual tunes, graced the world with her presence on [Date of Birth]. Her journey unfolds as a testament to the power of soulful devotion woven into each note of her Naats.

2. Family and Life:

Rooted in a tapestry of family and life experiences, Khirad Zahra draws inspiration from her surroundings. Her connection to family and community infuses her art with a richness that resonates deeply.

3. The Enchanting Voice:

Khirad Zahra's voice isn't just a melody; it's a celestial gift that captivates hearts. Its beauty lies not just in the tunes but in the sincerity and depth it brings to the verses, creating an immersive experience for listeners.

4. Achievements in the Realm of Naat:

Recognized as a distinguished Naat Khawan, Khirad Zahra's soul-stirring performances have earned her acclaim. Her contribution to the world of Islamic music has established her as a prominent figure.

5. Future Plans and Aspirations:

As we peek into the future, Khirad Zahra envisions a path paved with continued spiritual expression. Her plans include creating more heartfelt Naats, contributing to the enrichment of Islamic literature, and expanding her artistic horizons.

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Stay in the musical groove with New Naats, Nohas, Qawalis, Manqabats, Nasheeds, Kalams, and Hamds are consistently uploaded, ensuring your playlist remains fresh and in tune with the latest releases.

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5. Dedicated to Spiritual Enrichment:

Beyond a platform, is a sanctuary for spiritual enrichment. Carefully curated content provides a haven where listeners can immerse themselves in the divine beauty of Islamic poetry, including the heartfelt Naats by Khirad Zahra.

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