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Dar E Nabi Par Naat Lyrics

Dar-e-Nabi par para rahoon ga, parre hi rehne se kaam hoga Kabhi to qismat khule gi meri, kabhi to mera salam hoga Khilafe maashooq kuch huwa hai, na koi aashiq se kaam hoga Khuda bhi hoga udhar bhi aye dil, jidhar woh aali maqam hoga Dare nabi par para rahoon ga, parre hi rehne se kaam hoga Kiye hi jaoon ga arz matlab, milega jab tak na dil ka matlab Na shaam e matlab ki subha hogi, na yeh fasana tamam hoga Jo dil se hai ma’il-e-payambar, yeh is ki pehchan hai muqarrar Ke har dam is be nawa ke lab par, durood hoga salam hoga Dare nabi par para rahoon ga, parre hi rehne se kaam hoga Isi tawaqqo pe ji raha hoon, yehi tamanna jila rahi hai Nigahe lutfo karam na hogi, to mujh ko jeena haram hoga Dare nabi par para rahoon ga, parre hi rehne se kaam hoga Kabhi to qismat khule gi meri, kabhi to mera salam hoga Dare nabi par para rahoon ga, parre hi rehne se kaam hoga

Dar E Nabi Par MP3 Download

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