Tamanna Muddaton Se Hai

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Tamanna Muddaton Se Hai Jamale Mustafa Dekho Lyrics With Translation

Tamanna muddaton se hai Jamaal-e-Mustafa dekhoon
‘This is longtime desire – to sight the beauty of Mustafa

Imam-ul-Ambiya dekhoon, Habeeb-e-Kibriya dekhoon
Want to see the leader of messengers, beloved of God

Woh jinke dam qadam se subah ne bhi roshni payee
He because of whom even the morning got its lustre

Munawwar kar diya jisne faza woh rahnuma dekhoon
Want to see that leader who enlightened the environment

Woh jinki barkato abr-o-bara baste ‘aalam mein
He whose blessings and abundance fills this world

Tamanna qalb-e-muztar ki woh durr-e-bebaha dekhoon
My troubled heart wants to view that precious pearl

Qadam bahir Madine se tasawwur mein Madina hai
Steps are outside Madinah but the heart — firmly there

Ilahi, ya Ilahi azmaton ki intiha dekhoon
Lord, O my Lord, I want to see the limits of grandeur

Ye duniya besubaat-o-bewafa-o-gham ka gehwara
This world is baseless, treacherous and an abode of sorrow

Ye hai matloob dar-e-be-wafayee mein wafa dekhoon
The intention is to get a sight of loyalty at the door of betrayal

Woh mabda khalq-e-‘alam ka durood unpar salaam unpar
He the first of creations, peace and blessings upon him

Mere Maula ye mauqa de ke Khatm-ul-Ambiya dekhoon
O Lord give me an opportunity, I want to see the last Prophet

Kabhi ho husn ke mehfil kabhi ho shauq ka manzar
Some times the meeting of beauty, some times indulgent views

Kabhi aansoo ki zanjeeron mein aashiq ki sada dekhoon
Sometimes in the chains of tears, I want to sight lover’s call

Rasoolun Qasimul khairaati fid dunya wa fil uqba
The messenger, distributor of bounties in this world and the hereafter

Shafiq az nafs-e-ma dar ma Nabi-e-Mujtaba dekhoon
I do want to see Prophet Mujtaba, the intercessor of my wretched self

Dar-e-jannat pe haazir hoon Rasool-e-Pak ke hamrah
Want to reach the gate of Jannah together with the Holy Prophet

Shafa’at ka ye manzar ya khudaya mey Raza dekhoon
O Lord of mine, I do want to witness this scene of intercession

Credit:: Lyrics Quoted From Tamanna Muddaton Se Hai on naatlyricslibrary.blogspot.com

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